In her memoir Dolores De Luce, a five foot Diva in six inch heels, takes us on the bumpy ride from her grey days in New Jersey through her escape to the refuge of the tumultuous post-Stonewall days in ‘70s Los  Angeles and Gay San Francisco. After giving birth to a mixed-race daughter and being rejected by her Italian American family, Dolores creates a new family with the most unlikely people under the most unusual circumstances.


Dolores confesses to living with the notorious film legend Divine, and being baptized in the filth of John Waters, selling barbiturates to most of the pill-popping homos on the West coast, and then sleeping with half of them once their high kicked in. Edie Massey, Divine’s film mother, proclaimed Dolores the illegitimate daughter of Divine and Rip Taylor declared her  the winner of $1.98 Beauty Show. Even Joan Rivers approved of her racy video that the Fox censors deemed too dirty to air on her late night talk show.

"Dolores De Luce's memoir is unlike any I've ever read. It's as if the gods of comedy and pathos, wisdom and chaos were zooming these pages all at once. Never have I laughed so loud. Seldom have I taken such a pause because of righteous fury. The writer is an original force of nature, abundant with talent and stories that amaze, delight, and instill wonder." 

- Mark Thompson, author and editor


"My Life, a Four Letter Word: Confessions of a Counter Culture Diva, is a sociological study as well as study of sexuality: Ann-Margret meets Margaret Mead. DeLuce has been-there/done-that but she retains an innocence that will melt your heart. The counter culture diva is brutally herself—in all her fabulousness and painfulness—from beginning to end, making this memoir a must read for anyone who wants a peek into the the underground from the vantage point of Ms. DeLuce’s teetering pumps.”

- Michael Kearns, author, actor, activist.