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Dolores' Press Appearences

A performer since 1970, mentored by the legendary Divine, I debuted as a dancing pumpkin in a drag version of Cinderella with the infamous gender-bending Cockettes, and guest-starred in cabarets with the magical Angels of Light.


I wrote and performed with the comedy troupe White Trash Boom Boom, a girl’s group who wowed the boys in the San Francisco gay bars, and performed the same shows for women behind bars in California state prisons.


In 1977 I was nominated for ‘Best Performer’ by Bay Area Credits Association for Broken Dishes, a musical I co-wrote with Amber Waves.


In 1978 I was Artistic Director for S.P.A.R.C., a non-profit public art center in Venice, and received critical acclaim for the lead role in a musical I wrote, The Last Dance of The Couch Potatoes, produced by S.P.A.R.C. and in 1988 at The Powerhouse Theater and The Odyssey Theater in Los Angeles. 


Grace Happens, a screenplay based on my memoir was semi finalist at the Austin Screenwriting Competition.


As a member of A.P.L.A.’s Writing Project I wrote Gay Widow, a collection of AIDS survivor stories. The Shirt from that collection was published in Witness, an A.P.L.A. magazine.


Today I live in Venice Beach and continue to write and act in TV commercials and film, while promoting my grown daughter Viva's singing career.


I write and perform with Queer Wise, an LGBTI senior writer’s collective, and I can be seen story-telling at The Moth, Tasty Words, Everybody Loves a Good Story, and other spoken word venues around town.